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Beyond a doubt, Frank Roche is the most qualified Congressional candidate to represent North Carolina’s 2nd District. An expert in economics and trade policy, Frank has the experience and knowledge the 2nd District needs for true conservative representation. Strongly opposing amnesty or any other path for legalization of illegal immigrants, we believe Frank will best serve the expectations and desires of 2nd District citizens, putting them ahead of those here in violation of our immigration laws. Frank exemplifies the character, strength, and intelligence that is needed in DC and will use those qualities to stand for the people of Randolph County, NC02, and all citizens of NC. That is why we, the Randolph TEA Party, are giving his campaign for US Congressional Representative for NC District 02 our full endorsement.

Frank Roche Town Hall for the 2nd District

We, the Randolph TEA Party, would like to extend to Senatorial Candidate, Greg Brannon, our endorsement for his campaign seeking the nomination of Republican candidate for US Senate. Greg exemplifies the strength of character, the knowledge, and the heart needed for true Constitutional conservative representation of North Carolina. Having met with Greg on several occasions and thoroughly vetted him and his campaign, the RTP feels confident that Greg will represent NC in a manner that will hold true to our Constitution. It is with this confidence that we fully endorse the Brannon for Senate campaign.

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Tom Welch is pictured on the right picking up his new Shotgun from Ken at Silver Dollar Gun and Pawn, located in Ramseur.


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